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Jeffrey Sack Explains How to Keep Cool During an Emergency Landing

Jeffrey Sack Was Once Involved in an Emergency Landing and Reviews the Experience he Endured

Jeffrey Sack was once involved in an emergency landing. As an experienced pilot, Jeffrey Sack knew that there was always a possibility that an emergency landing might take place. Even though many people who fly planes are incredibly experienced, sometimes an emergency develops that is simply out of their hands. At the same time, this is the biggest reason why everyone goes through training before they get behind the joystick of an airplane. Jeffrey Sack was able to remain calm and land his plane successfully. He was able to do this by remaining calm. Now, it is important for everyone else to learn how to stay, as well.

Jeffrey Sack Discusses the Importance of Staying Calm

First, it is important for everyone to remain calm because of the benefits this provides not only to the pilot but also to the passengers. Jeffrey Sack remembers what it was like to try to pilot a plane that was not responding appropriately. He remembers that he was tempted to scream, press all the buttons at once, and shout into the intercom for help. At the same time, he knew that he would be able to think more clearly if you remain calm. Anyone who is being guided by the stress of the moment is more likely to make a mistake.

At the same time, Jeffrey Sack knew that he had not only his like to think about but also miles of the passengers. In order to keep the passengers as calm as possible, he knew that he had to stay calm even though there was a lot taking place during the moment. Therefore, he took his own advice, remained collected, and guided the plane to safety.

Jeffrey Sack Discusses the Importance of Breathing During an Emergency Landing

As odd as this might sound, many people forget to breathe when they are going through a serious situation. According to Jeffrey Sack, who is also a doctor, one of the body’s responses to stress is hyperventilation. When people take shorter breaths, this can lead to symptoms that mimic those of hypoxia, which takes place in the blood and is deprived of oxygen. When there is a flight emergency taking place, everyone has to remember to slow down and study their breathing. This can allow everyone to think clearly.

Jeffrey Sack Discusses How To Assess the Situation

Once people are calling, it is easier to assess the situation. This is exactly what Jeffrey Sack did. First, identify the problem. He figured out what was wrong with the plane. Then, he was able to figure out how serious it was. Finally, he figured out how much time he had to rectify it or get the plane on the ground. By going through this simple flowchart, everyone is able to make it clear, rational decisions under stress. In this manner, Jeffrey Sack was able to save the lives of everyone on board.

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