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Jeffrey Sack Examines the Joys of Classical Guitar

Jeffrey Sack is a renowned medical expert with years of experience and a sterling reputation among his peers. And those who know him can attest to his quiet and humble nature and his love of the classical guitar. Jeffrey Sack recently discussed the benefits of this hobby and how a person interested in this instrument can take it up with maximum benefits. 

Why Jeffrey Sack Loves the Classical Guitar 

Over the years, Jeffrey Sack has become almost as well-known for his classical guitar as he has for his medical career. For example, he once played Carnegie Hall – a huge highlight of his life, he says – and in other local venues. Though crowd applause is a big part of why he loves playing classical guitar, he also states that other factors are more critical for his enjoyment. 

For example, Jeffrey Sack always feels more relaxed when he plays the classical guitar. This feeling is not an accident – playing music releases endorphin chemicals that make a person happier. And they often relax a person’s tension and make their life feel better. As a result, he’ll play the classical guitar alone, when there is nobody there to listen. 

And Jeffrey Sack also finds that the classical guitar is a beautiful creative outlet for those who want to express themselves. While he has played a lot of complicated and enthralling classical music works on his guitar, he has also played pop songs for friends and family members. In this way, he has found a hobby that provides him and those in his life with the most joy possible. 

The Best Classical Guitar Tips by Jeffrey Sack

Although Jeffrey Sack states that people who already know guitar basics are probably the best choice for learning the classical guitar, he thinks that just about anybody can learn. However, those used to steel strings are going to find the transition to softer strings a challenge. He suggests halving the pressure and power used to play steel strings to get the best results. 

Beyond that tip, Jeffrey Sack also suggests getting a teacher who can provide a student with proper form. While rock guitarists can get away with lacking flawless technique, classical guitar is among the starkest examples of a person’s playing skill. As a result, practicing that technique is essential because any minor mistake will ring out loud and clear when playing classical guitar. 

Perhaps most importantly, Jeffrey Sack suggests having fun with the guitar and not getting too clinical or detached with your playing. Your new hobby should bring you joy and happiness, he says, and not make your life feel less open and free. Try to find pieces that feel right for your skill, Jeffrey Sack says, and then transition to more challenging ones to get the best results for your playing.

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